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[129] 생일 축하해요 김재중!

Well it is a day after Sho's birthday and what do you know it is my Korean bias, (well he is sadly now no 2 actually)
He is: Jaejoong! from DB5K and now JYJ.
Its true that even though know I do not pay as much as attention as I use too. But he still is someone who I always keep my eye out for. whether is it during his dramas, music or anything JYJ or DB5K related. He is the one i see first. (though these days its actually Junsu more XP)
He has always a beautiful side when it comes to taking photos, just being jaejoong in dramas as well. So poised and collected. But behind his idol-image; he is all funny and cute. Sometimes that he gives to not just in fans but his members as well.
Three things about him that has not change from day one of his debut. 1. His laughter; its still that loud laughter as he claps his hands (interesting the clapping of the hands is done but a lot of people; including me!) 2. His voice; though some may argue that it has degraded over the years, but it is still that lovely clear voice that opens up a song every time he sings. No matter who he sings with; it compliments them as well as him. Lastly, his love for his members; whether it was during the DB5K days where he can be seen having skinship with everyone till now in JYJ his love for the members is expressed by him openly. Even talking about reunion with the other two members; it brings tears to his eyes because he wishes for such a dream to come true!

so here he is once again! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM JAEJOONG! remain beautiful always and the love for your members grows daily and deeper each day!
Tags: dong bang shin ki: hero jaejoong, happy birthday, korean: dong bang shin ki, korean: jyj
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