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[151] I can see your voice

It has been awhile people~ I know I have been away for quite some time, and I apologise. Just in the past few months, a lot of things in my life has change, there have been certain serious decisions that I have to make hence, blogging has of course dipped in terms of my priotites! But I am back! Sort of (haha!) I will try to update more as life goes on ^^

Recently I have been doing a "I Can See Your Voice" marathon.
I have got to say, I love the concept of this program. A lot of times we do judge people base on their appearance, what they wear, how they look like.

This show does break that stereotype that all good looking people CAN sing, and those who are not CANNOT. The other thing is also the fact that it allows people such as people who are tone-deaf the opportunity to appear on the show. It gives people who are fearful a chance to be courage and sing in front of many.

I am currently in love with two people who appeared on the show. One is an actor, who every guy in the audience wanted him to be TONE DEAF. Another is an amazing young guitarist, just completely awestruck by his skills.

So check it out!

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