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[155] let's conquer

2017 has been a fantastic year for Wanna One, and perhaps also all the main contestants from P101 Season 2. Some have made their solo or temporary group debut and that in itself is rather amazing to me.

The award season has come and is going to keep coming as the year is really drawing itself to a close. We recently had the MAMA Awards 2017 and Melon Music Award 2017, soon we would also be getting Golden Disc Awards and the various broadcasting stations' Entertainment and Drama Award ceremony (minus KBS Entertainment award)

One group that is really making themselves on top is Wanna One. They have had a fantastic year with debuting; their debut album being a million seller as well as winning awards that was completely unexpected.

I am truly happy for them that they are receiving that kind of love and attention from those around them. These boys have truly worked hard in getting such amazing results and I am proud of them.

The other group of course that has not only conquered 2017 but has kept on conquering for 5 years is Arashi!!
I was so happy that this year each of the members had a good amount of solo work; with dramas, awards, variety shows. Their singles, album and tour have been super well recieved.

They have come out on top again this year to be the number 1 highest earning artist of 2017, with over 1 billion in sales. That is just huge, and this is their 5 year consertive year of winning this. I am truly just amazed at their popularity. They have really worked so hard every year with having singles, having a tour yearly.

I am truly excited to see their activities in 2018 as we get one step closer to their 20th anniversary year!!

Sadly or not I cannot post any Arashi videos since most of them will get taken down because of copyright. But at least I can post a picture ^^

You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of.  You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life. 
~Albert Camus~
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