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[156] Here's to a new chapter

It has been awhile since I last updated;

I will not go into much detail over all. But by the grace of God; I have manage to get into the Master program that I applied for at the beginning of the year.

Initially I really did no think I would get it. Mainly because I didn't believe I was qualified enough - it had been some time since I last studied, plus I was not like a high fly student with amazing grades and amazing academic record.
Yet, I somehow manage to crawl my way into the 25pax max program.

It was clear that it was really with the grace of God that I manage to get in.
Though, there are times I get anxious and worry am I truly good enough to make it. I am trusting this path that has been laid out before me. I believe that God did open this door and because this door has been open for me I will walk through it.

I trust in Him for the future outcomes as well, and will work the best to my ability to learn and do well in this only year long program,

It has been a hidden dream of mind to studying something related to museums and curatorship, so to get the opporuntity to do so in this brand new course is something I am truly excited for.

Luckily, the course only is over 3 days and though some last till 7:30pm at night, I feel that i have good enough time to really study and do my best. This course has a professional vs an academic track, naturally because I do want to make this a career I will opt for the professional track. I hope with the internship and all, I would be able to gain a place or at least enough to find a career in this sector.

Here's to 14th August when I start!

"The bitter and the sweet come from the outside, the hard from within, from one's own efforts."
Albert Einstein
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